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Animals and Lifecycles - What is an Animal?

Animals are one type of living thing. There are many different animals on Earth, but they share some things. They all:

  • Human arm showing musclesHave bodies that do things for them, like breathing or digesting food
  • Have muscles that help them to move around
  • Eat food that comes from other living things
  • Have senses like seeing and hearing, which help them with everything they do
  • Reproduce, or have young
  • Adapt, or change when their environment or where they live, changes.

Food from plantsEggs to eat

Where the word "animal" comes from

The word "animal" comes from a Latin word that means "having breath" or breathing.

What animals do you know?

Can you list all the different animals you know?

If you want some ideas, have a look at these Animal Facts.

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