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Why Save Animals And Plants Species?

Bones of a Triceratops dinosaurMany species of animals and plants have become extinct over time.

The Earth keeps changing, and this affects the places where animals live and the food available to them.

Species have always had to adapt or die out.

Goannas sunning themselves on rocksChange, extinction and humans

Change, adaptation and extinction are a normal part of the cycle of life on Earth. Animals adapted and evolved, and some died out.

In the past this happened slowly over long periods of time. But human activities have affected the type of changes and how fast some changes are happening.

Amongst other things we have introduced non-native species, cleared forests and used more and more land for houses and farming. This has affected animal habitats, and more species of animals and plants are becoming extinct more quickly than before.

Should we try to stop all extinctions?

Rainforest habitatMany scientists talk about how important it is to keep animal and plant species alive. But they’re not saying we should try to stop all extinctions.

They believe we need to fix the problems humans are causing, so that the number of extinctions, how fast they happen, and why they happen is more balanced again.

The way to do this is to restore habitats and save as many species of animals and plants as we can. And to do this in as many parts of the world as possible.


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