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Oban the Knowledge Keeper talking about SustainabilityWe've talked about animals and plants being endangered, or threatened with extinction.

And why it's important to look after the environment and save as many species of animals and plants as we can.

Here's my good friend Ollie. He's been thinking about all this for a long time and knows heaps about it!

OllieHi there! What we're talking about is sustainability. It means being able to keep going into the future.

  • sustain = "keep going"
  • ability = "can"

We need the Earth to be able to keep going into the future. Humans can help by learning to live in ways that are sustainable. Using resources like water and energy so people have what they need, but without damaging the Earth. Then the Earth can make more resources for the future.

Chicken to cookShopping for what we needWe need to look at where stuff comes from, how we use it and how this affects our world.

And we need to think about it for everything we eat, everything we wear and everything we produce, or make.

It’s all about the 4Rs. Do you know what they are?

The 4Rs for Sustainability >>