Megan MacKenzie - Ace Detective

Megan MacKenzie - 17 years old

“Doing research is easy. The hardest part about solving mysteries is keeping Linda under control!

I wish I was a computer whiz like Ben.”

Megan lives with her father, John, and their housekeeper Zoe. Megan’s mother died eight years ago. John works as a computer fraud investigator. He gives Megan copies of the latest computer games - so that he can play them too. Then Megan swaps them with Ben.

Megan goes to school in Melbourne and is learning Tai Kwan Do. Two months ago she got her black belt. Her favourite subject is history – “you can learn from the past to solve today’s mysteries”.

More than anything else, Megan wants to learn to drive. She got her Learner’s Permit on her 17th birthday – and has already saved up for driving lessons.

Megan - Ace Detective
“When I’m not solving mysteries with the other Ace Detectives I visit some of my favourite Internet sites. See if you like them too.
Let me know if you do!”


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