Brad Henderson - Ace Detective

Brad Henderson - 18 years old

“Being an ACE Detective is cool. I spend a lot of time keeping Megan and Linda out of trouble, and waiting for Ben to work things out on his computer."

Brad is Linda’s big brother. He works part-time in a sports store and shoots a mean hoop at basketball. Girls at school think he’s cool, but he’s too busy with sports and avoiding homework to notice most of them.

His dream is to go to the USA to watch basketball and baseball matches. He’s been saving for ages and hopes to get a cheap ticket through a school trip, later in the year. He got his driver’s license a month ago and drives his father‘s car as often as he can.

Brad - Ace Detective
“When I’m not solving mysteries with the other Ace Detectives I visit some of my favourite sports sites.
Let me know if you like them too!”


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