Jeramiah Mackenzie Mystery at Ghost Mine - Ace Detectives Case File
Find my map,find the treasure - Please Help Me! Mystery at Ghost Mine Case Clues

The ACE Detectives receive a letter from Megan’s cousin, Laura MacKenzie, who lives in California in the USA. 

In the 1880s, Laura’s great grandfather, Jeremiah, helped to build the town of MacKenzie Wells on the edge of the Mojave desert in California. He ran the general store and started the town’s newspaper.

The old town buildings are now being restored as a tourist attraction and Laura is part of the renovation team. She finds an old box hidden in the cellar below Jeremiah’s store. The box contains a letter and three objects:

Jeremiah’s letter describes treasure hidden in nearby Ghost Mine and begs whoever finds it to clear his name of a murder he did not commit.

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