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Oban's Myths & Legends

What happened to Unicorns?
By Gwendolyn (Wendy) CerroWelch
Age 17 years
Westminster, California

Once upon a time when myths and legends lived. There were these flying horned horses called unicorns.

Unicorns were very scared of people because people were always so violent and mean to all of the other animals that they caught. Unicorns always lived alone in the woods.

One day when a little girl (Elaine) was out playing in the woods and stumbled upon a young unicorn. They became wonderful friends.

Elaine would come out every day and play with her new friend. Elaine even named the unicorn Moiraine after her mother. The unicorn loved Elaine and Elaine loved the unicorn.

Elaine made sure never to tell anyone about her new friend because everyone new that unicorns were forbidden to play with. (The townspeople figured they must be dangerous otherwise they would have had them as pets by now).

It made Elaine very sad that she could not bring Moiraine home to show all of her other friends, but she knew that if she did Moiraine would surly be killed by the townspeople. Every day Elaine went out to play with Moiraine until she was 16 years old.

Then all of the sudden she just didn't come to see Moiraine. Moiraine was very sad. Elaine didn't come for four years.

During that time someone got into the village and ate all of the sheep so a lot of hunters came into the woods looking for all of the unicorns because they figured it must have been them that killed the sheep.

Moiraine ran away until she could no longer run to escape the hunters in hope that one day her best friend Elaine would come and play with her again. So she lived in the woods in excited expectancy of her friends return.

One day Moiraine was out on for a walk and saw Ealine with a handsome young man. Moiraine ran to go and play with her with sheer excitement!!

But Elaine said NO! Moiraine didn't know what to do.

So Elaine explained that she was married now and no longer had time for childish games.

Moiraine was so heartbroken that she went away and hid never to be seen again

The End

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