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Sending Stuff to Oban


Please use the Oban contact Form to send your legend to oban.

In your message please include your name, age, home town and country. Also include a title for the drawing. We will put this information next to your drawing and legend when we publish it on Oban's web site.

Legend size

No more than 1000 words for the legend please.

Publishing Time

Oban sometimes forgets where he puts his reading glasses so it may take a while before your legend appears on this site.


You must tell the legend in your own words.

You retain copyright in the material you send us. The act of sending it to us, automatically gives us the right to display it on this web site and to display it in any advertising related to the site that we may undertake.

All the items on this site are copyright protected material and no items can be copied, reproduced or used in any medium without written permission of Word Design InterActive Pty. Ltd.

Space permitting, we will try to publish as many of your drawings and legends as we can.

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