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Oban's Myths & Legends

The Red Dragon
retold by Agor

Agor the DragonA long long time ago most of the animals on earth looked very different from how they look now.

Some were thinner, some were taller and some had more legs than they have today.

The Rhinoceros and the Hippopotamus were very vain and always boring the other animals, asking them to admire their good looks.

"Haven't I got the most handsome face you've ever seen?" the Rhinoceros would ask, as he turned his head from side to side. "Don't you think my left side is as handsome as my right?".

"Look at my slim body" the Hippopotamus would answer. "Isn't this the most beautiful body you've ever seen?"

"Huuh!" the Elephant would trumpet. "Look at my beautiful ivory teeth. They're the most perfect teeth in the world". And he would smile, showing two rows of gleaming ivory teeth.

Every thing was peaceful and boring until one day a red dragon flew down from the sky shouting "The world is going to end! The world is going to end!"

"We've heard that one before" said the lion, with a bored sigh. "The chicken said the sky was falling, but nothing happened".

"It's for real this time. The world is coming to an end!" yelled the red dragon.

"How do you know" the others asked.

"A wizard told me" he replied.

"Then it must be true" they all said. "What shall we do?"  continue