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Why a Zebra has stripes
By. Stephanie Lipari
Grade 8 Awtrey middle school
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr Zebra painted greenOne day Mr. and Mrs. Zebra were going to a party with all their other Jungle friends. Mr. and Mrs. Zebra both wanted to look very special, but in a different kind of way.

Mr. Zebra painted the front part of himself green, like the lizard. You see they were all white back then. Mrs. Zebra painted the back part of herself a tan color, like the lion.

Mr. Zebra didn't like the way that Mrs. Zebra looked.  Mrs. Zebra didn't like the way that Mr. Zebra looked. So they talked about it and decided that they liked black, as their color.

Mr. Zebra painted the front part of himself black. Mrs. Zebra painted the back part of herself black.

Zebra stripesThey looked at each other and both had an instantaneous thought, "Stripes!"  They said together.

They each painted them selves in stripes and went to the party later that night.

Lion in jungleEveryone at the party loved their new creation of an outfit!

They got plenty of compliments and were even complimented by the king of the jungle, Mr. Lion. He thought they were very creative.

The party ended late that night, but talk of Mr. and Mrs. Zebra's outfit kept going well into the morning. Soon all the Zebras, in the jungle, were painting them selves in stripes. Soon Zebras all around the world were doing it to.

ZebraAfter awhile Mr. and Mrs. Zebra got tired of stripes. But when they tried to wash off their stripes they found that the paint had sunk in well beyond their fur. They couldn't get it off for anything.

Soon all the Zebra's started getting tired of stripes. But they couldn't get their's off either!

To this day the Zebras still can't get their stripes off. That is why the Zebra has stripes!

The End

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