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Oban's Myths & Legends

The Buffalo and The Grizzly Bear
Native American - Omaha Legend
retold by Oban

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

A very long time ago Grizzly Bear was walking down a trail by a river.

In the distance he saw Buffalo Bull, standing in the middle of the path with his head bowed, staring at the river.

“That’s strange” thought Bear. “Buffalo looks weak and tired. I will fight him.”

Bear rushed up to Buffalo and roared, “They say you want to fight me, Buffalo! Well let’s fight right now!”

Grizzly BearBuffalo lifted his head quickly in surprise. “Who said I wanted to fight? I don’t want to fight you!” he stammered.

“Yes you do!” roared Bear. “Everyone says you want to fight me, and here you are blocking my way! Well let’s fight right now!”

Buffalo started to back away slowly. “I haven’t said anything about you, and I don’t want to fight” he said.

“Now you want to run away like a coward!” shouted Bear

Bear rushed at Buffalo and hit him on the nose with his paw.

“Ow, Ow, that hurt! I don’t want to fight you Bear” cried Buffalo, holding his nose and backing away further.

Bear rushed at Buffalo again and grabbed his tail. He pulled Buffalo round and round by his tail and then slapped him across the face with his open paw.

Then he laughed. “Ha, you’re a coward. You’re frightened of me!” Then he slapped Buffalo again, let go of his tail and started to walk away.

BuffaloBuffalo muttered to himself, “I should fight him. He is a bully and he will pick on someone else if I don’t do something.”

“What did you say!” roared Bear, stopping in his tracks.

“I didn’t say anything.” said Buffalo.

Bear turned around and rushed at Buffalo. Again he pulled him round by his tail, slapped him across the face, and started to walk away laughing.

Buffalo muttered softly to himself again, “I have to do something to stop this bully.” Again Bear heard what Buffalo said. He lunged at him, slapping and hitting him, while Buffalo backed away.

Bear attacked Buffalo like this two more times.

Bear started to do it again when he noticed something different in Buffalo. He was backing away but pawing the ground at the same time. Buffalo seemed stronger.

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