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Oban's Myths & Legends

How the Chicken got his wings
By Kaytlynne and Gwen - Age 10
Battle Creek
Michigan U.S.A

ChickenLike all birds chicken had little skinny legs, a beak, and feathers. But chicken was missing one vital thing...Wings!

One day chicken got a letter saying: ‘All birds are cordially invited to attend a feast for birds in the hollow tree - eight pm Saturday.’

Chicken couldn't wait. He had never been invited to a feast before. As Saturday neared he couldn't even sleep, he was too exited. When Saturday night came chicken got to the party at eight o’clock on the dot.

Chicken looked into the hollow tree and his mouth dropped open as he saw all the beautiful decorations and delicious looking foods. Chicken handed the invitation to the guard at the door. The guard motioned for chicken to come in.

Only as soon as chicken walked in, blue bird stepped in front of him and angrily said "You shouldn't be here. You are clearly not a bird for you have no wings. The letter must have been delivered to you by mistake. Now leave before I have the guard escort you."

Sad chickenSo without a grudge or a fight chicken left the party and went home feeling very bad, and he cried himself to sleep that night.

The next morning was cold and snow started to fall from the sky. All the other animals were scurrying around, trying to find enough food before the first frost.


First snowflakes in the early morningChicken walked outside his house. "Oh no, it’s snowing " he said.

Chicken was worried. He had never lived through a winter before.

He tried to look for seed on the ground but the earth floor seemed bare and seedless.


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