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How The Dream Catcher Was Made
Based on a Native American story from several nations and tribes including Ojibwa, Chippewa, and Mi'kmaq - retold by Agor

Agor the Dragon

Nokomis loved her young grandson.

Each day she took him out, showed him things and made him laugh. In the afternoons he often played in the courtyard while Nokomis rested on her bed, watching him through the window.

When he wanted to show her something he ran inside noisily and climbed on her bed to see if she was sleeping. Sometimes she laughed at what he brought her, and he liked that.

One day Nokomis was resting and watching him. The sun shone through the window and she felt sleepy. Suddenly she saw something shimmering in the corner. She sat up to look more closely. A spider was spinning a web near the floor, the sunlight glinting on the thread as she moved.

Nokomis smiled and called out gently “Hello spider. Your web is beautiful.” Then she settled back down on her cushions again. For the rest of the afternoon she watched both her grandson playing outside and the spider working slowly in the corner.

The next day when Nokomis came to her room again, the spider was still spinning and the web was much bigger. Nokomis bent down to look at it. The spider stopped spinning and looked up at her.

“You’re doing a great job with this web,” said Nokomis softly. “The threads are evenly spaced and the shape is perfect. It looks strong and beautiful.”

The spider waved two of her front legs at Nokomis and then started spinning again. Nokomis straightened up and moved over to settle on her bed so she could watch her grandson through the window as usual.

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