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Oban's Myths & Legends

How Bluebirds and Coyote Got Their Colours
Native American - Pima Story
retold by Oban

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

Long ago, Bluebirds did not have the beautiful blue feathers they have now, and Coyote’s coat was bright green.

One morning two dull Bluebirds were flying and chasing each other. They found a lake they hadn’t seen before. It was like a giant puddle and it was a beautiful blue colour. From up in the sky the water looked so cool and inviting they dived down into it.

The Bluebirds bathed, splashing and singing “This water is so blue and we are in it. We will be blue too.” They came back to the lake the next three mornings, bathed and sang the song again. On the next morning after that, when they flapped their wings under the water, their dull feathers came loose and dropped out. New shiny blue feathers grew in their place.

When the Bluebirds came back to the tree they usually rested in, Coyote was dozing under a nearby rock. He was very surprised to see their blue wings. “What have you done to your feathers?” he asked.

The Bluebirds twittered “We’ve renewed them and they’ll always be blue now.” Coyote wanted his coat to be blue too. “I hate my ugly green coat. How did you make your feathers blue and beautiful?" he said. “I want to be blue too.”

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