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How the Elephant got his trunk
by Harry - aged 8
St. Ives

Once upon a time, there was a sad elephant. He was dirty and stinky, because he could not reach to wash his back. All the other animals didn’t play with him because he was smelly.

Elephant sat under a tree, where nobody could see him. He started to cry. His head was hanging down, crying big tears. He sat and cried for days. One day, when his tears had dried up, he went to itch his head and he felt a bump on his back. Then he noticed his nose had stretched because it had got wet with all the crying and it was now a long trunk which had hit him on his back.

He went to the river and got his trunk, put it in the water and sucked the water up. Then he sprayed his back with water.

All the other animals came over to him and said “you are so clean and smell so lovely. The elephant with his trunkDo you want to play with us?”

The elephant was so happy and said “yes.”

The End.


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