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Oban's Myths & Legends

How the Humming Bird got its Hum
by Joey B. - aged 8
Chadds Ford, PA - U.S.A.

Once upon a time in the the middle of the forest there lived a prince who lived with his father the king. They lived in a castle at the edge of a river.

The prince had a wonderful singing voice.

Usually he'd go out into the forest and sing. And usually the animals would get attracted to his voice.

Now the keeper of the animals did not like the animals going out into the forest. He had to do something about the prince.

For many years he had been thinking, and thinking, and thinking. Finally he thought of something.

After the prince was old enough his father asked him to marry Sabrina. The prince did not know what to say, but he did not want to hurt his father's feelings, and he did think that Sabrina was a nice girl. So he agreed.

Meanwhile the keeper of the animals watched the prince come out of the castle. He aimed his gun and fired at him and killed him.

The animals cried. The prince went into heaven. Two angels appeared out of nowhere and said "We will let you back on earth but we will have to make one small change".

Before his eyes he was back on earth but then he looked at himself, he was covered in feathers!

The angels had turned him into a hummingbird.

And that's how the hummingbird got its hum.

The End.

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