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Oban's Myths & Legends

The Fastest Rabbit
By Nickolas D. Huiras
Age: 9
Missoula, Montana


One day a mother rabbit was having a baby rabbit.

The other rabbits were very fast and could jump very high. When the little rabbit was 4 months old, it started to talk.

The very first thing he said was "I want to jump very very high".

After a few years when the little rabbit could say anything he wanted to say, he started to pray to God at night.

He would always pray that he wanted to jump very very high and run very, very fast.

Well one day he started a race with one of the other rabbits. The other rabbit was in first place,then he got in first place, then the other rabbit got in first place until he got in first place.

He tripped and fell down. He looked up and he saw a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon told him that he could win this race if he really tried.

Then the rabbit got up and tried his hardest.

Finally he caught up to the other rabbit. Then he passed the finish line.

And he won the race

The End

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