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Oban's Myths & Legends

Coyote and the Rock
A Native American tale retold by Sanjit



One sunny day Coyote and Fox were out walking up a hill together. They were warm and decided to stop for a rest. Coyote pointed to a large smooth rock in front of them.

"Fox" he said, "that's a good looking rock. Let's rest there." He spread his blanket over the rock and they lay down.

When they were ready to move on again, Coyote decided he was tired of carrying his blanket. It was too heavy on this fine day.

He spoke to the rock. "Thank you for letting us rest on you Rock. I'm leaving my blanket as a present, to protect you from the rain and the snow."

Coyote and Fox set off down the hill on the other side. They hadn't gone far when the Sun hid behind the clouds and large drops of rain fell. Coyote said "Fox, go and get my blanket back from Rock. We need it now."  Continue