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Oban's Myths & Legends

Coyote and the Mice
A Native American tale retold by Oban


Oban the Knowledge KeeperNot many animals liked Coyote. Some thought he was foolish and others thought he was boastful. The  mice didn't like him because he was mean to them.

One day when he was out walking, Coyote saw the  Mice making lots of noise and rushing around under  a tree.

"Quick! Quick! Throw that rope over the branch!" cried one. "I need a bag! I need a bag now!" cried  another.

They scurried around, tripping and falling over each other as they tied small bags onto the ends of several ropes, then threw the other ends over the branches.

"What are you stupid mice up to now?" asked  Coyote. "We haven't got time to stop and talk Mr Coyote," squeaked one mouse, throwing a rope over another branch. "Haven't you heard?  North Wind is on his way. He's going to throw hailstones as big as a bear's paw at all the animals! We're going to climb into these bags and pull ourselves up under the branches, so the hailstones can't hit us."

Fearing the hailstones, Coyote said "I'll join you." All the mice stopped  dead in their tracks. "Ohhh! I don't know about that," they squeaked.  "If you don't let me, I'll be mean to you again," shouted Coyote.

"Alright. You can join us," squeaked the mice. "But you'll have to get your own bag and rope because we don't have anything big enough or  strong enough to hold you." "No problem," said Coyote. "I've got everything I need at home". "Then hurry Mr Coyote, because North Wind will be here any minute."  Continue