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Oban's Myths & Legends

Coyote Makes People
Native American - retold by Oban


Oban the Knowledge Keeper

Coyote made the world and all the animals and birds that lived in it.

When he had finished he said to himself "Now I will wander around and admire my good work."

He was amazed at the beautiful things he had created.

The shimmering lakes, high mountains shrouded in mist and broad sweeping plains covered in lush grass.

He saw the eagle gliding gracefully, high in the sky.

He watched the powerful grizzly bear lumbering through the forest and laughed at the playful antics of the otters as they splashed about in their river home.

After a few months Coyote decide that one more thing was needed.

"Hey Baldy!" he shouted to Eagle as he glided by. "Call all the animals and other birds to a meeting. I have something big to announce!"

"OK Chief, consider it done!" replied Eagle. And flapping his broad wings he soared away across the sky, shouting the news.  Continue