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Agor's Junk Food Word Search Puzzle

Agor the DragonA lot of people have sent e-mails to Oban saying they think my stomach is getting bigger because of all the junk food I eat.

But I don't eat junk food.

Pizza isn't junk food is it? And what about burgers and shakes, they definitely aren't junk food.

Oban asked me to make a list of my favourite foods. I've hidden them in my word search. See if you can find them all. I'd like to stay around and talk to you some more but I have to go now. It's time for a snack before dinner.

One day I'll tell you how all these foods help me to fly faster

It's better if you print the page first before you try and find the words. You don't want to get any fries stuck in your keyboard. 

Junk Food Word Search

Junk Food Word Search Puzzle Word List Junk Food Word Search Puzzle

Let me know if you if you find all the Junk Food and ingredients I´ve hidden in the word search.

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