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Agor's Healthy Fruit Word Search Puzzle

Agor the DragonOban said that to help me lose weight I have to eat at least two pieces of fruit every day.

I told him - no problem.

I'll switch to Boysenberry topping on my ice cream sundaes instead of chocolate sauce.

For some reason he didn't buy it.

H'mmm! that apple I just ate didn't taste too bad, after I baked it with my fiery breath and topped it with ice cream - I still want pizza though

It's better if you print the page first before you try and find the words. Strawberry juice stains the keyboard.

Healthy Fruit Word Search

Healthy Fruit Word Search Puzzle Word List Healthy Fruit Word Search Puzzle

Let me know if you if you find all the Healthy Fruit I´ve hidden in the word search.

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