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Agor's Burger Word Search Puzzle

Agor the DragonThe next best thing to eating a pizza, is eating a burger.

Being a dragon can be hard work. Sometimes I get very, very hungry and I can't wait until meal time.

So I fly over to our nearest burger place and have a cheese burger, a double bacon cheeseburger, two chili burgers, large fries and a jumbo chocolate shake.

That's just enough to keep me going until my proper meal time. Oban says I eat too much junk food and that's why my stomach is growing. Are Burgers junk food?

Wow! just looking at all those burger names is making me hungry

It's better if you print the page first before you try and find the words. Picking burger bits out of your keyboard can be messy.

Burger Word Search

Burger Word Search Puzzle Word List Burger Word Search Puzzle

Let me know if you if you find all the burgers and ingredients I´ve hidden in the word search.

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