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Planet Ozkids - Learning, puzzles and games for kids
About Planet Ozkids
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About Planet Ozkids


Planet Ozkids' Vision

Building on the success of the award-winning 'Animals, Myths & Legends' web site, Planet Ozkids was founded in 1998 by:

  • Mary Lancaster – author, instructional designer, content creator, teacher and storyteller.
  • Bob Smith – writer, multimedia producer, content creator and concept developer.

Planet Ozkids draws on the experience of its founders plus a trusted team of teachers, parents, instructional designers and specialists in the use of technology aided learning.

The Planet Ozkids' vision is to provide:

  • Unique learning products based on Integrated Themes and Active Learning principles.
  • Skills development information and interchange of ideas-and support for teachers.
  • The best sites offering complementary content and educational resources.

What this means

For kids - fun things to do, exciting, interactive areas to explore and interesting characters to meet. They could save a world, play with a platypus or meet a dragon.

For teachers, facing a new century of education, - support and ideas for ways to integrate the new technologies and media into the curriculum to provide a broader, richer learning experience.

For parents - a safe environment in which they can explore the Internet with their children.

Developing creativity

Planet Ozkids increases children's creativity by:

  • Providing hands-on experiences and whole class activities.
  • Providing offline activities and recommended reading to encourage exploration and learning away from the computer.
  • Providing a multi-sensory environment to increase cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.
  • Providing resources and new ideas to supplement existing curriculum.
  • Using interesting characters, storylines and activities to achieve learning outcomes in literacy, problem solving, maths, puzzlework and logic.
  • Facilitating understanding about cultural differences between countries.
  • Encouraging kids to find out about environmental problems facing our world.
  • Stimulating kids to reach for the stars and explore the galaxy.

Integraged Themes and Active Learning transform Information into Knowledge


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