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About Planet Ozkids
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About Planet Ozkids


Mary Lancaster

Mary is a writer, director, instructional designer, multimedia content creator, teacher and storyteller.

A graduate of the Drama School at the Victorian College of the Arts and the Hawthorn Institute of Education, Mary trained with Australian Broadcasting Corporation(TV) as a producer/director - making current affairs, adult drama and children's education programs in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

She Co-founded Greater Glider Productions and was involved in the creation of a children's rock opera, a radio serial for the BBC, a computer game, fifteen books and several video and film scripts.

Mary has extensive experience in the corporate world developing, CD-ROM based and On-line training. She has developed Communication and Change Management strategies for corporate clients and lived in Singapore for a time while involved in the creation of an Information Technology Centre there.

Now a director of Word Design Interactive, Mary works as a multimedia designer and project manager for corporate training and on-line environments.

Her experience in teaching and the creation of children's products across various media makes Mary a valuable adviser and member of the Planet Ozkids content team.

Despite her busy schedule, Mary still finds time to hold workshops and lecture on writing and content creation for Multimedia and On-line environments.

"Receiving awards from organisations like the Exploratorium of San Francisco and being picked as a 'Cool Site' confirms our belief there is a market, and a need, for sites that are fun and safe to visit while being educational and instructive"

Bob Smith

Bob is an ideas creator with expertise in marketing and new product development.

His extensive background in business ownership and consulting, combined with his creative skills, gives him a complete overview of the requirements of a company specialising in providing content for Multimedia and On-line environments.

Bob's consultancy company helped several wholesale/manufacturing clients acquire a retail presence. He developed marketing strategies, created new brand identities, specified equipment and trained personnel.

Now a director of Word Design Interactive, Bob is providing clients with solutions to integrating an On-line presence into their overall communications and marketing structure.

His diverse skills allow him to take on many roles – ranging from the role of Producer developing an On-line community for a national magazine group, to hands on authoring of a new On-line communications environment for a national marketing authority.

Bob was involved in the creation and planning of Planet Ozkids.  He created the concepts and storylines for Animals Myths & Legends and the Ace Detectives adventure - Mystery at Ghost Mine.

"Getting instant feedback from our target audience is incredibly helpful in this beta stage of Planet Ozkids' development.  It's good to know they like what we're building for them"

The Team

Planet Ozkids draws on the experience of its founders plus a trusted team of teachers, parents, instructional designers, graphic designers and specialists in the use of technology aided learning. Many of whom generously donate their time and advice because of their believe in what we are doing at Planet Ozkids.


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