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Indigenous People of North America

Early History

Science tells us that the first people who came to North America may have walked there from Asia between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Ice Age land bridge

During each of the Ice Ages, seawater froze into sheets of ice and glaciers, and sea-beds became dry land in many places. Then when the ice melted, sea levels rose again. Scientists think this cycle may have happened three times.

When the seas froze the narrow stretch of water between Siberia and Alaska, called the Bering Strait, became dry land. This was the Bering land bridge, or Beringia.

Map showing Alaska and Siberia separated by sea - created by US Geological Survey Department of the Interior, USGSMap showing Alaska and Siberia joined by the Bering Land Bridge - created by US Geological Survey Separtment of the Interior, USGS


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