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Origins and Creation

Oban the Knowledge KeeperOrigins and creation are about the beginning of things.

The word ‘origins’ often means ‘how a group of people came to be’ and ‘creation’ often means ‘how our world came to be.’

Science tells us a lot about things that happened millions of years ago and right up to today. There is evidence about how people and animals may have developed from ancient ancestors.

Ancient people living in cavesDinosaur skeleton

But scientists are still finding things out, and there is much that is not yet known or proven.

People have always wondered about how the world began and where different groups of people came from. These are big questions and there are many theories, legends, stories and beliefs about them.

Sculpture by a  Native American artistFor some people, different religions give the answers and explanations they need.

Indigenous people have their own stories, including those about the creation of the world as they see it, and the origins of their own groups.

For many indigenous people, their way of life is their religion.

Taos Pueblo, ArizonaTheir beliefs relate to life itself, their land and how to live in harmony with nature and with other people.