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Why the Horse's eyes are on the side of its head
By Madeline - Aged 10
Michigan - USA

Once upon a time, when the world was new, Horse had eyes on the front of her head.

Horse's beautiful mane Horse's beautiful tailAll Horse ever talked about was herself. “I am so beautiful!” and “Look at my long flowing tail and mane,” were a few things she said.

But her favorite thing to brag about was her eyes. “Aren’t my eyes so perfectly placed on the front of my head?” she’d sing. “Aren’t they so beautiful on the front of my face?”

All the animals thought she was very vain. “She only brags,” they would whisper. But yet, Horse never noticed. She just kept on bragging. She didn’t even notice when they started planning to play a trick on her.

The ParrotThe Cougar“Who will play the trick?” whined the Parrot.

“I will,” the Cougar volunteered greedily. “Deal,” the animals agreed readily.

Finally the day came. Cougar got ready.

Horse trotted past Cougar and saw him. “Are my eyes not the most beautiful and forward eyes you’ve ever seen?” she whinnied. “Most certainly,” replied Cougar slyly.

Horse fell very hardHorse was angry at CougarSuddenly he pounced onto Horse. She fell, startled onto her face. It hurt a lot. She had fallen very hard.

The impact had forced her eyes to the side of her head.

When she saw her reflection in a stream near by, she was enraged at Cougar, but when she turned to punish him, he was gone.

Horse looking sadYou will notice that today all horses have eyes on the side of their heads.

If you ever see a horse look sad, it is most likely remembering the time when Cougar tricked Horse so long ago, when the world was new.



The End

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