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Animals Activities - School and Home School

Free Activities


Type of activity


Create an Animal Postcard

Creative writing, drawing
Year/grade 1-2 students Age 6 – 8

Explore existing animal postcards, and then create a postcard for a favourite animal using a PDF template or a PowerPoint template.

Bison Quiz

Research, comprehension
Year/grade 3-4 students
Age 8 – 10

Research the Bison and answer quiz questions about this amazing animal.

Activities for purchase


Type of activity


Create A Habitat Diorama

Design and build
Year/grade 2 – 4 students
Age 7 – 10

Design and create an animal’s habitat as a diorama (3D scene). US$3.50

Size Up The Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Draw, measure, label
Year/grade 7 - 8 students
Age 13 - 14

Research the Northern Hairy-nosed wombat, then draw a 2D or 3D scale diagram and label the animal’s dimensions. US$3.50

Who Eats What?

Classify and list
Year/grade 1 -2 students
Age 6 – 8

Learn how animals are classified by what they eat, then explore animal facts and classify various animals. US$3.50

Weird Animal and Human Facts

Creative writing
Host a quiz.
Year/grade 1-2
Age 6 – 8

Create weird animal facts and weird human facts, then create and host two quizzes. US$3.50

Which Animal Family?

Classify and list
Year/grade 3 -4  students
Age 8 – 10

Explore animal facts and identify 6 animal classification groups. Identify group characteristics and classify animals in each group. US$3.50

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