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If you provide top-quality products or services for kids, teens, parents and educators then you are a candidate to advertise on Planet Ozkids.

Planet Ozkids is a non-profit site. Proceeds from advertising and sales go back into making more free content and activities for our audience.

Our audience consists mainly of kids aged 8-17, plus elementary, middle and high school teachers and librarians.

What makes this site special?

We use original concepts, characters and storylines that are created to entertain and educate kids of different ages everywhere. Ranging from adventure mystery and fantasy to developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Our site traffic has been growing quickly.

This growth is being sustained by the continual addition of new and exciting content to the site.

Planet Ozkids has high rankings in all the major search engines and directories.

To find out more about advertising on Planet Ozkids contact us.

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