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ZIA (The term used by many American Indian Tribes to describe the sun.)
This is an excellent well organised collection of links. The sites have been screened and reviewed. There is something here for everyone. Highly recommended

The Crest Internet Index
Good collection of links with a list of the Crest top 25 sites. They even have a help form for any problems you might be having with the site.
Crescendo sites
Part of LiveUpdate, makers of midi plugins for browsers. That explains the number of music sites listed. Good index of sites, there's a kids section and a site of the day award.

Family & Kids

The Edutainment Page
Excellent place for reviews on games and kids links
Surfing the Net with your kids
A wonderful site with links that are reviewed, rated and organized by topic. If you want to check out sites on Dinosaurs or Whales or just find an electronic pen pal then catch an electronic wave and start surfing.
Not just for kids
They said it! There is something here for everyone with a well organised links index.
K.E.W.L. - Excellent kids links
There are mind puzzles, fun things and some weird things. Check out the Yuckiest Site on the Web and hear an interview with Wendall the worm.
Route 6-16
A safe environment for 6-16 year olds this site has over 3000 links for kids, teachers and parents.
Ace Place Award
Web sites created by kids or pages that are "kid friendly" are eligible for the Ace Award. Every site listed is an award winner. Highly recommended.
Berit's Best Sites for Children
This site lives up to it's name. It is one of the best list of children's sites you will see on the web. All sites have been reviewed and rated out of 5.
Amazing Places and Friendly Places.
Another site that lives up to it's name. An amazingly huge index of sites for kids and by kids.


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