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When I'm not helping Uncle Oban or playing with Agor I like to explore your world. You have lots of things we don't have. Like comics, and computer games, and Disney Land, and way cool music,  and and ..We don't even have TV. Just dumb holograms.

I've been to some cool places. Check them out!

X-Files - Official web site
The TV show is so cool. We don't have anything like this where I come from
World Safari
You can go on safari each month and learn about the people, history and culture of different lands. Just want to meet cool new friends like me? Try the Message Centre where kids from around the world could talk to each other about school, games and where they live.
Happy Puppy Page
This is the mega site for games. You can download great demos and read reviews about the latest games. Man, I love this  site!
Another great games site. Even though I like this site it runs second to Happy Puppy.
Young Magicians Club
This place is cool. Got to go now. I want to learn some more tricks to play on Agor. Wow! I could become a world famous  magician.

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Planet ozkids
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