Myths & Legends

Tales of Wonder
Folk and fairy tales from around the world. This site is a labour of love by Richard Parsie and well worth a visit. The stories are in big print - all the better for little eyes.
Mayan Folk Tales
Five folk tales from the Mayan culture
Native Lore index
Over 100 myths and storys of Native American Lore from several
Tribes across Turtle Island. Quotation section has listing of old Indian sayings.
Traditional Tales from Around the World
The Fahan junior school in Tasmania has gathered a wonderful collection of stories sent to them from children around the world. Also some very useful links links to other legend sources. Have a look at their retelling of an Indonesian legend. It won third prize in the Cyberfair Competition.
Mr Salcedo's 4th Grade Stories
After reading and hearing many Native American legends, the students
were given the assignment to pick A collection of legends about North American animals. All stories were written and edited by the students themselves. I have visited this site many times.
Water, Wind and Fire have a fight
The beautiful illustrations combined with the excellent story telling make a visit to this site an enjoyable experience. Have a look at the wonderful story of James and the Christmas wagon while your there
Linking the Themes
Excellent site exploring how characters of African folklore changed as they travelled across the seas, and in some cases came back to Africa to be incorporated in new stories. Pay this site a visit and see how Anansi the Spider mutates with every culture he meets


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