The Bear Den
Learn everything you ever wanted to about bears - "For bears everywhere, and for those humans who are on their side". Kids can visit the "Cub Den" where they can learn amazing facts about bears.
African Primates at Home
Everything you need to know about monkeys and gorillas. Plenty of photos plus you can hear them screech and roar and even burp. Follow the links to find out more about where they live.
Tiger Information Centre
The 5 Tigers Web site sponsored by Save the Tiger Fund. The International Tiger Information Center is dedicated to providing information to help preserve tigers. Visit the 'kids Stuff' section to learn fun facts about tigers and listen to them growl.
New England Aquarium
Find out what's happening under water. Go on a whale watch with young Stefan. Find out how fish keep warm in all that cold water. This is an excellent aquarium site with lots of interesting things to do.
THE place to go when you want to know about Zoos! There are links to zoos around the world. Try the animal sound quiz.
Gorilla Foundation
Learn about the project to teach American Sign Language to two gorillas. Plenty of pictures and information with links to other gorilla sites.
The Penguin Page
This is the definitive page on penguins. Lots of graphics and information. Waddle on down south and have a look at the little critters
The Wonderful Skunk and Opossum Page
James Firmiss has put together all the information you would ever want to know about a Skunk or Opossum. A collection of facts, stories and photos and even a movie of a Skunk doing what Skunks do - Whew! hold your nose for this one.
The Froggy Page
Visit Herbie the Guard Frog, look at cool frog animations and learn everything you wanted to know about frogs.
Cockroach World
Follow a day in the life of a Cockroach, talk to Betty the Bug Lady and look at today's fun fact about Cockroaches. Watch out where your stepping. These little guys move fast.
Dinosauria On-line
Huge collection of Dinosaur facts and picture gallery. Links to other Dinosaur sites. Meant for the serious enthusiast and rank amateur alike. Discussions are both technical and at a level at which those without formal education in paleontology can understand and enjoy.
Ant Hill
Facts, fun and ant jokes. Crawl down the ant hill and explore.
Endangered Species - Glenmore Primary School
Articles and illustrations written by schoolchildren about some of the endangered and extinct animals of Australia. The rest of this school site it well worth a visit while your there to learn about the school, it's environment concerns and the community around it.


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