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Oban's Myths & Legends

How the Dragon got its Fire Breath
By Ben - Aged 9
Minooka - Illinois, USA

Pet dragonOnce upon a time, there was a kingdom.

In that kingdom lived a king who had a pet dragon. Ooh, that dragon ate so much food.

One day the dragon ate so much that the king ran out of food!

Dragon fire breathThe dragon eat one whole chicken, some roast beef, Luzon, pizza, and like 1,000,000 other things.

The king only had one thing left, some chilly peppers.

So he fed them to the dragon. The dragon’s mouth caught on fire. And that's why dragons breathe fire!


How Geckos got Sticky Feet
By Rian - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Ondray the GeckoOne day a gecko named Ondray came out of his tree house. Ondray had always wanted to climb a really big tree. That was his biggest wish.

Around mid day Ondray walked through the forest on his way to go fishing.  When he came to the Great Oak tree he stopped, and stayed there for a while. He wanted to climb the Great Oak tree, but the problem was that Ondray thought he couldn’t do it. He was afraid his feet might slide and he would fall.

The tall treeThen he had to go home. His parents would be home at 5.00 pm and he had to be there for supper.

As Ondray was walking home, he heard a scream. Ondray ran after the scream, back to the Great Oak tree. A baby bird was screaming. She was stuck high up in the branches.

Ondray started to climb, and then stopped because he thought he couldn’t do it. He tried again. When he was about 4 feet off the ground he stepped in something sticky. He looked up at the sun and knew it was getting close to 5.00 pm. He started climbing again and his feet didn’t slip.

Ondray with sticky feetHe helped the little bird get down from the tree, and then he carried it home to its nest. It was 4.55 pm and he had 5 minutes left. He really wanted to try climbing the Great Oak tree again.

He ran along the ground and up the tree as he heard his parents coming. His sticky feet made it easy for him to climb.

That's how geckos got sticky feet!


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