The Exploratorium
This site makes learning science fun. Lots of info for parents and teachers. Visit the Learning Studio and try the on-line electronic exhibits and activities. If you want, you can learn how to dissect a cows eye - yuk! The navigation buttons are scalpels. No really, it's very educational.
A resource web site for the MayaQuest CD-ROM. Lots of fascinating stuff about the mayan culture. There is a lessons/activities section for teachers and links to other Mayan sites on the Internet.
Kids' Action
Learn about rainforests, the people and animals that live in them and how you can save them. Lots to see and do with resources for teachers and students
Field Museum - Dinosaurs
This address will drop you in the middle of a Field Museum of Natural History tour, starting 235 million years ago in the Triassic age when dinosaurs began. If you want to view the beginning of the tour (Life Before Dinosaurs), just clickon the Home button at the bottom of any page.
Virtual Library: Museums
This is a superb place to exploring. It has links to museums and galleries around the world. There are mirror sites in various countries. You have to like a site that links to Disneyland from it's culture section.


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