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Oban's Myths & Legends

Big Turtle (continued)

Oban the Knowledge KeeperThe swans spread their wings together and caught the girl on their soft feather backs.

"Whew! That was lucky" said the girl. "But what do I do now? I can't get back up to the Sky World and I can't stay on your backs forever."

"We'll take you to Big turtle" said the swans. "He knows everything."

After hearing what happened, the Big Turtle called all the animals in the water world to a meeting. He told them an old story about soil being found deep under the water.

"If we can get some of that soil, we can build an island on my back for you to live on" said the Big Turtle. "Sounds good to me" said the young girl.

The Otter, Beaver and Muskrat started arguing over who would dive for the soil.

"I'll go" said the sleek Otter, brushing his glossy fur.

"No! I'll go" said Beaver, slapping the water with his big flat tail.

"I'm the best swimmer" said Muskrat "I'll go."

"Aaaachooo!" sneezed the young girl. "Guys, guys, would just one of you go. These swan feathers are getting up my nose and making me sneeze."

"Sorry" said the swans.

"That's alright" said the young Sky girl.

Then Toskwaye the little Toad, popped up out of the water. "I'll go. I can dive very deep" she said.

The other animals started laughing and pointing at Toskwaye. "You! You're too small and ugly to help." cried the others, laughing.

"Be quiet!" said Big Turtle in a loud, stern voice. "Everyone is equal and everyone will have a chance to try." Continue