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When I'm not helping Oban or playing with Sanjit I like to visit  other dragons and creatures.

I like to look for food too. But don't  tell Oban, he says I'm getting fat.

Mystery Critter Crunch Adventure
Sign in with Safari Sam and help save endangered species from poachers. I wonder why they aren't saving dragons.
Balto - the heroic journey
Balto is part husky and part wolf. See how he becomes a hero in Alaska. I think he's really brave - like me! .....I am truly
My sort of guys. They fight bad guys and can fly and do all sorts of stuff. They've even got there own TV show. Wow! The  Agor show. Wouldn't it be great.
Gargoyles fan website
These guys are fans of the Gargoyles like me. They've collected all sorts of neat stuff about the Gargoyles and reviews of all the episodes.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Quasimodo sure has made a lot of friends lately. I wonder if singing lessons would help me?
Looney Tunes
They are a real crazy group. You can see pictures of them and listen to them speak. Man! They're fun to hang out with
People think I look strange. Check out those hairy Wufnicks. I know more about science than they do and I'm definitely  better looking than ddog - What do you think?


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